Social Media / Marketing / Branding / Web Development

Crider Landscaping - Chattanooga, TN

Crider Landscaping is a full service landscape company serving the Chattanooga area. They have been serving the area since 2014 and we have enjoyed working with them to develop their brand images and marketing packages. We are currently their "marketing team" handling almost all aspects of their marketing.


Social Media / Marketing / Branding / E-Commerce

High Country Archery - Chattanooga, TN

High Country Archery is a Chattanooga based manufacturer of quality Archery and hunting equipment. In the early 90's High Country was one of the leading manufacturers of compound bows and hunting. High Country was the innovators for what we now know as the high speed Compound Bow. High Country has had its challenges over the years and the current owners wish to keep the tradition of manufacturing high speed, high quality archery equipment. We assisted with social media campaigns, branding issues, and E-commerce solutions.

Branding / Marketing / Web Design

Taylor's Lawn Care - Atlanta, GA

Assisted the owner with marketing strategy, business development and customer acquisition. We also created a web presence for the company as well as a branding package.  Managed to help Taylor's Lawn Care grow his business and increase his revenues. (2015)

Social Media / Marketing / Branding / Web Development

TimberLine Outdoors, Inc. - Chattanooga, TN

Timberline Outdoors, is a mid-size Chattanooga based landscaping company. We worked on their initial branding package and webdesign in the earlier stages of their business. We were able to help build a brand that was later sold, allowing for one of the partners to move on to other business ventures. (2015)